Home Builder Grants are Available Today! Don’t Delay.

First-time homebuyers often have to overcome an absolute mile of red tape and other obstacles to become homeowners.

From trying to find an affordable property to raising the cash needed for crucial repair or renovation costs, it can be a real uphill battle, and one that is often absolutely exhausting both emotionally and financially.

Thankfully, there’s help available to you, and it’s more than just a little pat on the back of encouragement. In fact, thanks to the Australian Government’s new HomeBuilder program, you can qualify for some massive financial aid. How much are we talking about? Well, how does a $25,000 in grant money for your home sound to you?

How the Home Builder Grant Works

That’s right, you read that correctly: $25,000 in grant money, directly from the Government. Available to specifically eligible owner-occupiers (including first-time homebuyers), the HomeBuilder Grant provides $25,000 towards anyone who is either looking to build a new home or to substantially renovate their existing home.

An economic rebuilding initiative created in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic that’s designed to jumpstart the residential construction market, the HomeBuilder Grant is meant to encourage new home builds and renovations. This grant is available to any resident, or someone that will be a resident after moving into a new or renovated property, of a State or Territory Government that signs the National Partnership Agreement with the Commonwealth Government.

Why You Can’t Pass This Chance Up

The HomeBuilder Grant is ideal for anyone who has always had the desire to own their first home and enter the property market. If you’re a first home buyer, $25,000 is a massive amount of money. It’s also ideal for homeowners who have always wanted to extend their homes or carry out any major renovations in their principal place of residence.

It represents an opportunity that you simply can’t pass up, especially when you consider how far $25,000 will go towards your housing needs. Think about it: it took you forever to save up enough for a down payment on your mortgage. How long would it take you to save up the same amount of cash on your own?

Strike Now or Lose Out Forever

The HomeBuilder Grant isn’t going to be around forever. Not only is eligibility means-tested, it’s also very limited in quantity; only 27,000 of these grants are going to be made available. This means you’ve got to get in before it’s too late. This means you’ve got to move now. Not at Christmas, not next year – now, before you miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put $25,000 towards new construction or renovation of your home.

Home Builder Grants: You Owe It To Yourself

You owe it to yourself to jump at this chance to unlock a massive windfall the Government is offering you. Don’t know where to start? Never fear – you don’t have to worry about missing your chance at this $25,000 grant.

You also don’t have to go through the process alone, because we’ve got your back. Contact us today, either via email or over the phone, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the steps of applying for a Home Builder Grant.