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Whether it’s buying, selling or transferring property, we know property transactions can be both life-changing and tedious, but our team of licensed, and experienced conveyancers can provide professional advice and services to make your property transaction as smooth as possible.

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So you’ve saved what you think will be enough to get you a loan to buy your first home. That’s a good start,  now you need to talk to a lender who will fill you in on the cost associated with the loan. Here are all the thing you need to consider when buying your…

Three weeks into Stage 4 lockdown In Melbourne. Well we’re now two and a half weeks into Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne and Stage 3 restrictions in the rest of Victoria and firstly I hope everyone’s getting through it okay, I hope you’re looking out for each other and of course reaching out to help…

Home Builder Grants are Available Today! Don’t Delay. First-time homebuyers often have to overcome an absolute mile of red tape and other obstacles to become homeowners. From trying to find an affordable property to raising the cash needed for crucial repair or renovation costs, it can be a real uphill battle, and one that is…

Touchless E-Friendly Conveyancing For Quick and Easy Settlements It’s a strange new world we’re in right now, and the new global landscape of today means that many of the things we used to take for granted are no longer as easy to access. Settling real estate sales, for example, can be difficult to navigate when…

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