Our Conveyancing Specialists Make Title Transfers Easy for You

When most people think of transferring property or titles they think of buying and selling homes.

While agreements between vendors and buyers are a common reason for title transfers, there is a range of other ways that this might occur. Parents might want to legally gift a property to their children or maybe you’ve had land left to you in a will.

Making sure that property is legally transferred into a new owners name is essential.

Our professional conveyancing service can arrange all these forms as well as inform you about taxes and fees. We will ensure that the process is a stress-free success, leaving you to enjoy your new land.

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Why Transfer a Title?

There are many reasons why someone might transfer a property to another person. Each circumstance comes with its own process, and that’s why it’s so critical to seek advice.
People might want to start a land transfer if:

  • A marriage has broken down and one party is relocating
  • A co-owner of a property passes away
  • Parents want to gift their land to their children
  • A property is left to you in a loved one’s will

We Simplify the Entire Process

Property transfers don’t just happen. There are legal requirements and steps that need to be taken. Most of the time, you will be unfamiliar with the legal documents involved and incorrect transfers can result in long, costly processes.

You should contact us as soon as you’re considering land transfer. We help you by:

  • Estimating stamp duty and other fees
  • Giving you instructions specific to your circumstances
  • Preparing the transfer of land
  • Liaising with your financial institution
  • Ensuring a successful process with regular communication and follow-ups
  • Preparing, stamping and lodging all necessary documentation

Will I Need to Pay Stamp Duty?

One of the most pressing questions that people face is whether or not they will have to pay stamp duty. When you buy a property, this is usually one of the largest upfront costs. When it comes to property transfers, your stamp duty liability will depend on your situation.

If you have received land as a gift, you will attract stamp duty unless specific exemptions apply. On the other hand, this tax is usually not paid if titles are being transferred because of a relationship breakdown. Check out the Victorian State Revenue Office website for more information.

We can help you to understand your situation and determine whether or not you are eligible for concessions.

Save time and money and ensure a stress free transfer. Contact our team today.

We had Karina and Shakila assisting us with the purchase of our new home and could not be happier with the assistance provided. Their guidance and knowledge is unmatched. Honest, genuine and incredibly helpful. Highly recommend All Hours, Shakila and the team are brilliant.
24 April 2024
Been with all hours for about at least 15 years from the first property we purchased. Always professional, efficient, good communication. Would definitely recommended
Emma Zheng
Emma Zheng
4 March 2024
I have been using All Hours Conveyancing now for over 20yrs for all my real estate matters. I simply would not trust anyone else. Shakila and the team go beyond expectations each and every time. If you use them just once ... You will not use anyone ever again. Keep up the great work!!
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley
1 March 2024
I've worked with All Hours Conveyancing 6 times in the past few years. Very professional. VERY thorough. Also very knowledgeable, as they've helped me out with conveyancing on both commercial property and even a leasehold. I will certainly continue to use their services in future.
Steve Fawkner
Steve Fawkner
29 February 2024
工作人员Veronica 很专业, 也很有责任感. 她会提醒我(外国人)许多应该注意的细节. 她通过写电邮, 打电话一再提醒产业代理公司遗漏的部分. 谢谢遇到了这么尽责的员工. Great experience with Veronica. She follow up our case closely. Received her emails with useful knowledge. Helping us by sending emails and calls to remind property company to obtain important information with us. Thank you so much Super ⭐ for Veronica McFadden
Kong poh Yen
Kong poh Yen
21 December 2023
I am very pleased with All Hours Conveyancing services, very professional, all processes well explained, friendly staff and always diligent to answer our queries. It couldn't be better. Highly recommended.
Walter Rodriguez
Walter Rodriguez
7 October 2023
All Hours Conveyancing is a great business! I had the pleasure of working with them recently, and I couldn't be happier with the service I received. From the very beginning, I was treated professionally and courteously. Veronica, in particular, deserves a special mention for her exceptional work. She was there with me every step of the way, providing expert guidance and ensuring a smooth process. Her attention to detail and commitment to her clients is truly commendable. I would highly recommend All Hours Conveyancing to anyone in need of conveyancing services. They go above and beyond to make sure their clients are well taken care of. Thank you, Veronica, and the entire team at All Hours Conveyancing for your outstanding work!
Ashan SH
Ashan SH
4 October 2023
The team at All Hours Conveyancing were amazing. They are very friendly and professional, and extremely knowledgeable and experienced in their field. They helped me through a difficult settlement in unusual circumstances with their continuous support and communication. I have used them in the past and would highly recommend.
mads udawela
mads udawela
28 September 2023
What an absolute amazing team! All Hours Conveyancing have helped me through some stressful buying and selling this year. Their service is by far the best in Melbourne. They are very lovely to deal with, very knowledgeable in their fields and have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I will always come back to them and I highly recommend them to assist anyone with conveyancing when selling or buying their next home!
Koll Hang
Koll Hang
14 September 2023