Contract Review: Why is it important?

We know that when you find the right property and when your offer has been accepted, you will be excited to sign the Contract of Sale as this will be the first step to finally get your dream house.
Bear in mind that signing the contract means Duties & Obligations.

Avoid mistakes resulting to legal consequences?

Before signing the contract, it is important that you know what each clause means and what it implicates if you accept it. You must know your legal rights and protect yourself against issues such as:

  • Loss or damage before settlement; or
  • A breach of contract by the other party.

Know and understand the special conditions in the contract

Special conditions may be written about any aspect of the sale. Some of the key issues often include:

  • Subject obtaining finance or building & pest report; or
  • Penalties for delay of settlement.

It is common that questions and confusions will arise.

That’s why the team at All Hours Conveyancing are here for you. We understand how you have worked hard to save the deposit for the property & we don’t want it going to waste. We want to give you assurance, that once you grab that pen & sign the contract, everything will be smooth sailing.


What people say about Us.

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Marina Bratina

“I have a great experience with Shakila and the team. Easy to work with.”

Adam Hodgson

” I met Shakila three times before my settlement, she always give me honest suggestions. Thanks again for the great service you provided!”

Hao Liu