Our Hassle-Free Conveyancing Services



If you’re preparing to buy or sell a property, or have questions about subdivision or land transfer, our experts are here for you.  We are All Hours Conveyancing, a professional legal team located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. Our committed team can take care of all the documentation and contracts involved in your property transfer. Whenever you need legal advice and property expertise – whether it’s residential or commercial – our conveyancers can assist you. 

Flexible and Affordable

We believe in the traditional values of excellent service and value for money. Legal documentation and successful settlements are at the heart of conveyancing. We can quickly and efficiently get these things done, while working around your busy schedule.  Our fixed price model reflects a commitment to affordable and high-quality service.

Residential Services

Whether you’re looking for a new investment or a family home, our residential conveyancers can assist you. We will ensure that all the correct documents are lodged and that the final contract of sale is fair and legally binding.  Understanding your legal rights and obligations and avoiding common traps can be complicated and stressful. We relieve all of this by representing your interests at settlement and meticulously reviewing a contact of sale. 

Commercial Conveyancing

We also provide commercial conveyancing services, assisting you with the purchase and sale of shops, factories and more. We can liaise with potential buyers or sellers and complete all the legal documents necessary for your transaction.  Whether it’s commercial or residential, the expertise a conveyancer is vital to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Helping You With Subdivisions

Land division is a strong prospect for investors who are looking to maximise their profit. We can guide you through the complicated legal steps to minimise your costs and maximise the opportunity for profits.

Off the Plan Purchases

Do you need advice about committing to land before a property is developed? Buying off the plan can be a strong investment strategy but it’s not without its risks. We can advise you about the process and review your contract before you make a commitment. 

Selling Off the Plan

We can ensure a seamless process when you are selling off the plan, by checking contracts, disclosures, lodgements and more. Our committed conveyancers are always available to guide you through the process by carefully considering each element of the sale.

Understanding Land Transfers

There are a number of costs and legal requirements involved in land transfer. We can complete all the relevant documentation and streamline the transfer process for you. We make transferring the title of your business or home easy. Explore our website to learn more about any of our services and contact us to take the stress out of buying and selling.


Excellent service provided with minimal fuss.

Leave everything in their capable hands and everything works out great.

Used three times and will continue to return.”  


Steve Read