Appoint Us As Your Conveyancer

If you need more personalised help, then an expert conveyancer can guide you through the entire buying process.
All Hours Conveyancings are Melbourne’s conveyancing experts and we can protect you when you’re ready to buy. Call 03 9649 7832 today.

Top 3 Reasons to Appoint All Hours As Your Conveyancer

A conveyancer oversees & manages all the legal aspects of a property transaction.
Whether it’s a purchase, sale or transfer of ownership. So when exactly do you need to find one?


It’s recommended to engage a conveyancer before you even start looking for a property. It will speed up the process because they can check the contract as soon as you find a prospect.


 The same thing applies to selling your property. You need to be linked to a conveyancer before you put your property on the market. Doing so, allows the conveyancer to assist you from the start of the selling process.

Transferring Property

We recommend hiring a conveyancer as soon as you consider transferring ownership. This ensures that all legal requirements are met & the necessary steps are taken.